Why I can't change bitsetting on a nec 2510a fw 2.16 drive using dvdinfopro?



the bitsetting dialog shows 0 times remaining to change, what’s the problem?


With NEC stock 2.16 you can only change the book type for dual layer media. You need a small windows app called WinBtype to do this (do a search). If you want to do +R single layer bitsetting you will need to use a “slightly modified” firmware like Herries.
I’m in the same boat. Rather than try to use +R with SL bitset I just use good -R until dual layer media gets cheaper.


it still can’t change…


If you ran WinBtype to set -Rom Booktype I believe any dual layer disk you burn thereafter will be set to a -Rom booktype. Single-Layer burns will be unaffected. It actually makes some changes to the drive memory , kinda like flashing. I could be wrong though, I’m a noob at this stuff.

Anybody Know?


Flash to HP 520i firmware http://tdb.rpc1.org or Herries’ 107 HV2B5, these firmwares allow you to do bitsetting on SL and DL DVD+R discs.


newbie question? I flash my 2500a with Herries 107hv2b5 firmware. I also dl dvdinfopro. How do I change SL dvd+r & +rw book type. Thank you!


I guess I found a way to reset this counter, but I’m not sure if it really works as expected. If someone encounters the problem of no changes left (btw. the displayed value from DVDInfo Pro is wrong), I should be able to write a little tool that resets this value. That’s at least what I saw from the TDK 2.c7 implementation of these functions.