Why I Bought a Liteon

I have been using a Plextor for 6 months and it was getting slow. In Nero, up to 11 stops to prevent a coaster.
Look below and tell me what you think, especially the cpu usage.
The Plextor has been sent back under warranty.

CD Speed
09 June 2002 - 2:18:43
CD-ROM drive information
Product CD-R PX-W2410A
Firmware Version 1.04
Test results

Transfer rate Plextor
Average 4.02x
Start 4.02x
End 4.02x

Transfer rate Liteon
Average 28.18x
Start 18.67x
End 35.94x

CPU usage Plextor
1X 1%
2X 2%
4X 76%
8X 100%

CPU usage Liteon
1X 0%
2X 1%
4X 2%
8X 4%

Just a quick ?, is DMA on and how are the dirves connected on the IDE chain?

Price of Plextor=?

Price of Lite-ON=?

DMA is enabled-Ultra DMA mode 2
The Plextor is on IDE 1 as master
The Liteon is on IDE 2 as Master
I have swapped them but it is the same.
These two IDE ports are not used with any thing else as I use SCSI hard drives with an Adaptec card.
Plextor was AU$580
Liteon was AU$109