Why high error value at end of the disc

Hello all. After a lot of month of research i dont know why i have high error level at the end of the disc.

I have really tested all the solution.

Ihave tested differents media + and - and different brand
i have chage my hardware
i have tested a lots of software

but allways this bad result

My configuration was actually for this burn and graph (no time to change signature):

xp sp2 pro
athlon 1800+
2*256 ddr400 dual channel
1 120 gi mastor ide
1 benq 1620 b7p9

there are same result on :

xp sp2 pro
athlon 2000+
512 meg pc2700
1 seagate 80 g
1 nec 3500ag 2.tb

the only thing that i unchange was the os, so i go to change it on monday to see the difference with w2k and w98se

If someone have an idea.

Thanks for your response.

try a differnt disc, or a differnt part of the spindle

poor quality media, is almost always the answer

I recently had bad burns @ the end of a DVD & was using Verbatim 8X DVD-R
which is supposed to be good media, sent the remains of a box of 100 (80) back to the supplier & got a refund have tried 16X Verbatim & 16X sony & problems have stopped. There is no doubt that even so called good quality media has it`s problems! Also using Taiyo Yuden & these seem fine as well.
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My mcc003 also increases it’s PIE and PIF at the end, but not that bad.
As others mentioned, it is usually the sign of a media quality problem rather than the burner problem.

Changing firmwares didn’t help much, but burning at lower speed actually helped to reduce the end errors. Well… if you’re already burning them at low speed, then I can’t imagine anything else to try.

Bad media.


Try running the error test at some speed other than maximum. Usually they say you should run error tests at 4X. If you run it at maximum then the outer part of the disk is moving past the laser the fastest and might result in more read errors.