Why have my WAVs been replaced by CDAs?

I did search but couldn’t find the answer to my question. I was going to show my daughter how to convert some wav files from audio CDs to MP3 files for my MP3 player. The CD she gave me only showed CDA files at 1 KB each. I figured it was some type of a shortcut or pointer to the actual audio file (which is the part of the answer I was able to find), but couldn’t get the Creative software to reformat to MP3. I then tried a couple of my CDs which I had used last summer to put music on the MP3 player. They now also show CDA files rather than the wav files that I converted a few months ago. One of the posts I found while searching mentioned that Musicmatch (which I have) will work to rip to MP3, so I’ll have to try that. My big question is why do the CDs which used to present me with wav files (when viewed in windows explorer) now show me CDA files and no longer work like they used to? By the way, I tried this on two computers with the same results.



Have you installed Nero Media Player.
Also cda files are Philips equivalent of Microsoft’s wav files, they are the exact same in quality. :slight_smile:

The only software which was installed on both computers was the Creative Mediasource software that came with the Muvo MP3 player. It includes a program called “Creative Audio Converter” which (unless I’m losing my mind) worked by selecting the audio track directly from the audio CD in the drive, identifying a destination directory and setting the desired format (MP3, bitrate, stereo, etc). Now if I try to do the same thing, I get an error because the program is trying to convert the CDA file rather than the audio (WAV, WMA, or whatever) file like it used to. I can get around it by using my CD burning software to create a temp file on the hard drive and then converting the temp file to MP3, but I’d really like to figure out what changed.
Also, I’d swear I used to be able to pop in an audio CD, look at it in windows explorer, and see how many MB each track was. Now I just see the tiny CDA files, but if I check the properties of the CD it will show me the total MB. Hopefully I’m not going senile…