Why have 32x cdrw burner and yet no available 32x rewritable media?

The highest rewritable cd I’ve seen is rated for 10x.

24x CD-RW discs aren’t too hard to find. I have a few of them.

I’ve never seen 32x though.

Verbatim 32x was available for a while, I have some here. Verbatim 24x is just as good, and nearly as fast. Don’t bother with anything else but the MCC media. Last time I bought some, the Imation 24x was MCC media, but that too has been a long time ago.

32x are easily found online, and inexpensive.

A couple of well-known places:

32x CD-RW from verbatim have been available for a long time (1 year+) here…


The 32x is hard to find, and frankly not worth the extra $ since it’s really not much faster.

For some reason all of the 32x Verbatim CD-RW for the US market is 650MB only…

I believe that 700MB is too dense for many of the CDRW dye formulations. We certainly see much higher error rates on them. The MCC 24x at 700MB caused issues for many folks, where the 650 does not.

Easy to get even my local computer stores stock 24x and 32x verbatim media.