Why hasnt liteon released HSTQ firmware?

i just dont understand why this firmware seems to be around and yet liteon has no mention of it anywhere anyone have any guesses as to why liteon would do this as i dont understand why if they have an update they dont let there customers benefit . :confused: :a

http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=81375 check here you will find it :bigsmile:

thanks for the reply but i knew where it is i just dont understand why liteon hasnt released it yet thats all i dont fancy using it untill i know want they have to say about it

It’s an OEM firmware version. The next version released on liteonit.com will probably stick with the current naming scheme of HS0*

so what your saying is the people who buy a liteon oem drive are more likey to be looked after than the people who buy a retail drive by liteon :a

No, what I’m saying is that HSTQ came from a drive manufactured Very recently. I don’t knowm how you could take my post as meaning that Lite-ON supports their OEM products better than their retail products.

please understand it wasnt a pop at u by any means but the way i see it oem drives have now more supported media than the retail so the way i see it oem has the upper hand as it stands