Why has my close friend Premium712USB been banned

To Sir Dominator :

Well , my good man , since you cannot trouble yourself to answering me in the Plextor Forum , I will take the issue to your doorstep .

Why has my close friend Premium712USB been banned ?

And now you or Sir Gamefreak has closed the thread he started as well as the one I prompted - therefore I must draw your attention to this matter by re-posting my questions … for it is indeed NEWS when people are banned without chances to defend themselves or even worse :

                       Without any warnings !

Here is my little speech of freedom , for a close friend :

For quite some time I have bin following these forums as a guest , mostly because a close friend told me this was the place to learn , discuss and investigate .
That friend happens to be Premium712USB .

So this is why I recently decided to join your “club” if only just for asking a few questions about how the “moderators” enforce the rules and regulations . My first post thereby happens to be a thread about aesthetics .

I remember how keen Premium712USB was - especially about this Plextor forum - to help other people in here as well as “out there” with technological problems .
He is indeed a shrewd debater (though not very wise on feelings of insecurity) and lacks by no means selfconfidence . But I never heard him refuse to talk about ANYthing !

At the moment I know he is very busy finding people donating computers for charity , he MAY have been to busy to deal properly with Sir Gamefreak . Asked about the incident on the phone he refused to say anything , though much later I dropped by his house and caught him looking at your forums .

He said he never wanted to use CDfreaks forums again and told me that the dutch people apparently were the Godfathers in here .

Here’s the rest of our conversation as far as I can remember :

You must have received a couple of warnings , I argued with him .

No , nothing .

Why did you question Gamefreaks authority , You know people hate that , I said .

Listen , he said , I like that guy and I admit I got personal telling him my point of view and he has actually answered me very well - but I was banned before I could read his answer ! I can see he is offended and I can see he misunderstands my consideration and criticism .

I told Premium712USB to make an apology or something like it .

Ha , I can’t even post there because of some tyrant called Dominator . And I would have answered Gamefreak that I’m sorry you take it so personal , it was only my subjective comment on your hovering “statements” !

I said : Do you realize that the CDfreaks-page is Dominators homepage ?

Yes I do , and Richard have you read what that dutch tyrant sings on CD Freaks Living Room ?

Well , I looked it up and here is the quote :


Re: The CdFreaks family!

CaLL mE PiMP Daddy YeaH BabY!

I 0wNz ThA PlaCe (shut up MP|3 )



I must say honestly , dear Dominator , that on Premium712USB’s wish I read his and others posts again and i cannot find any trespass of the forum-rules he has agreed too .

If I tresspass these rules I think at least three warnings is a general rule even very fundamentalistic americans agree to …

… I’d really like to hear if others dare say something when we are in the same room as “the landlord” ?

Respectfully King Richard

Hello Richard. If you read the last post from G@M3FR3@K in the thread that was closed in the Plextor Forum you can read that he is willing to talk about it and that Premium712USB can email him.

However I really dislike the way both you and Plextor712USB are communicating. He will really need to make a good apology to GF and discontinue his disrespectfull behaviour. I don’t care what he’s doing outside our forums and how good of a person he is outside of our forums. It’s clear that his behaviour on our boards is rude and disrespectfull to someone who is spending his free time on our forums to help others. I feel that there is nothing wrong when I stick up for people doing this for us once when needed.

My history will show that I hardly use the powers available to me and I believe it’s one of the first times I have banned someone. I also think that it’s common sence to see that Premium712USB was out of line many times and that a ban was due.

Last but not least I find it very disrespectfull that you have taken my words out of context. (Please read the original thread on the above quote of me. Also your “sarcasm” really doesn’t show much respect and I’m not going to discuss this issue any further with you.

Premium712USB’s can contact GF is he wishes and I will trust on any judgement GF will make.