Why has my close friend Premium712USB been banned?

For quite some time I have bin following these forums as a guest , mostly because a close friend told me this was the place to learn , discuss and investigate .
That friend happens to be Premium712USB .

So this is why I recently decided to join your “club” if only just for asking a few questions about how the “moderators” enforce the rules and regulations . My first post thereby happens to be a thread about aesthetics .

I remember how keen Premium712USB was - especially about this Plextor forum - to help other people in here as well as “out there” with technological problems .
He is indeed a shrewd debater (though not very wise on feelings of insecurity) and lacks by no means selfconfidence . But I never heard him refuse to talk about ANYthing !

At the moment I know he is very busy finding people donating computers for charity , he MAY have been to busy to deal properly with Sir Gamefreak . Asked about the incident on the phone he refused to say anything , though much later I dropped by his house and caught him looking at your forums .

He said he never wanted to use CDfreaks forums again and told me that the dutch people apparently were the Godfathers in here .

Here’s the rest of our conversation as far as I can remember :

You must have received a couple of warnings , I argued with him .

No , nothing .

Why did you question Gamefreaks authority , You know people hate that , I said .

Listen , he said , I like that guy and I admit I got personal telling him my point of view and he has actually answered me very well - but I was banned before I could read his answer ! I can see he is offended and I can see he misunderstands my consideration and criticism .

I told Premium712USB to make an apology or something like it .

Ha , I can’t even post there because of some tyrant called Dominator . And I would have answered Gamefreak that I’m sorry you take it so personal , it was only my subjective comment on your hovering “statements” !

I said : Do you realize that the CDfreaks-page is Dominators homepage ?

Yes I do , and Richard have you read what that dutch tyrant sings on CD Freaks Living Room ?

Well , I looked it up and here is the quote :


Re: The CdFreaks family!

CaLL mE PiMP Daddy YeaH BabY!

I 0wNz ThA PlaCe (shut up MP|3 )



I must say honestly , dear Dominator , that on Premium712USB’s wish I read his and others posts again and i cannot find any trespass of the forum-rules he has agreed too .

If I tresspass these rules I think at least three warnings is a general rule even very fundamentalistic americans agree to …

… I’d really like to hear if others dare say something when we are in the same room as “the landlord” ?

                   Respectfully     King Richard

I know that Premium712USB has hit our friend-and-moderator Gamefreak’s feelings more than once. Remember back then when Premium712USB was shouting about his guest user votes theory? I was totaly disagree with him.

But… as a human, I agree, we all have mistakes. Even the Almighty up there will accept our apology if we ask.

I did said in other thread that I was also sad to lose a “plextor family member”. But I guess it’s all up to Gamefreak heart to approach Dominator to hit the button back.

Hi King Richard,

I have absolutely no problems with anyone questioning my advise or info. I’ll be the first to admit that I make mistakes. I like debating certain issues but not when these issues change into personal attacks. Anyway, if you want, let your friend Premium712USB know that he can contact me via e-mail. My address is dennis_at_cdfreaks.com. I will close this thread since discussion on this can be dealth with outside of this forum.