Why firmware is different for US vs Japan?

I have noticed over the last few months that whenever Plextor releases a firmware upgrade for the 708A it appears on the Japanese site well before the US site. In the recent case of fw 1.05 it never showed up on the US site before it was pulled.

Now, we have fw 1.06. It has been up on the Japanese site for several days, but it has yet to show up on the US site.

I sent email to Plextor US support. They only say that they have not tested the firmware for US support.

Does Plextor build a burner so different bewteen the US and Japanese market such that the firwmare does not work correctly on both machines? Does it have to be tested in the US and in Japan.

This sounds really screwy to me. Plextor US says use fw 1.06 at your own risk because it is not supported yet.

If the machines are the same, why in the world not release the firmware everywhere. If the machines are different then why not either

a) fix the firmware so that Japanese firmware will only install on a Japanese machine.

b) not release any new firmware until all versions have been tested

All 708’s feature the same hardware worldwide. Don’t let somebody confuse you!:slight_smile:

It took me several times questioning them directly, but if you believe this last email there are differences bewteen US 708As and others.

I am still thinking about this one.

“In some cases, they may be. We always test thoroughly with the versions
shipped in America before releasing any firmware here. The 1.05 firmware,
for instance, was rejected by our QA team and was never posted on the
Plextor America website. Any Plextor America customers getting it from a
different site would have had problems and we would not be able to support
them, as they were using unauthorized updates.”

Plextor America Support Team - Jack

Well, IMHO all Plexs 708A are the same,
if their first two TLA numbers (hardware revision) are the same.

Probably different Plextor teams (american, japanese, european…) have different marketing strategies, or maybe sometimes they don’t agree on something, (e.g. the optimal burning parameters of some media) and they try to prevent users to “mix up” firmwares, but they just wanted to scare you.


Originally posted by dlathem
It took me several times questioning them directly, but if you believe this last email there are differences bewteen US 708As and others.

The firmwares are the same. Plextor Japan originates the firmware, so they generally post it first. Plextor Europe is usually right behind. Plextor America generally wants to test the Roxio sw with the new firmware to make sure everything is hunky-dunky, so sometimes lags behind the other two.

No biggie…the firmware is all from the same source. V1.05 never made it to the US site because Plextor Japan reported the problems with reading some DVD-R media and pulled the firmware before the US got finished with their QA. Wasn’t because of anything extra they found.