Why failed to copy safedisk 2?

I used a ricoh 7040A to read & write delta force land warrior (original), with fast error skip & AWS.I tried to read many times but bad sectors were not the same from time to time.Finally I wrote cd without success.:confused:

FYI, the CloneCD website list your writer as not being able to “write regular bit patterns correctly” at http://elby.ch/english/products/clone_cd/writers/r.html#RICOH

If the read process is not the same try lowering the read speed. Also use the latest CloneCD version from www.elby.ch Like said, your writer cannot do EFM so you need to use AWS to make a working back-up. There’s no guarantee thought if your writer works with this feature. Also if the SafeDisc 2 version on this game is > 2.40, enable ‘Hide CDR Media’ in the CloneCD tray. For more information read the threads mentioned in my signature.