Why EVERYTHING on one disc?

Why the obsession with getting everything on one disc? Normally when you watch a film you do one of two things - watch the main feature, or play around with the extras.

So why not do what i do - back up the main feature to one disc with DVD2ONE or IC7, and then put everything else onto another disc simply by deleting the VOB files (leaving _zero) for the main movie, and running IFOEDIT GETVTS. 99 times out of 100 everything will fit without compression (unless we are talking about 2-disc sets obviously), and everything will work except the main movie!

Easy !

Hmmm…to most people…

2 disks = more $ spent
1 disk with everything = $ worth spent and with bragging rights.

But the bottom line is, as long you are content with what you have, it doesn’t matter what other people’s personal preference are. You’re happy, we’re happy, everybody’s happy! :bigsmile:

Just my 2 cents out of my DVDR fund.