Why DVD to Mobile Xbox/PS3



Just curious as to why these two are in the mobile section as they are not mobile and both play normal DVD’s.

Can the games for the Xbox and PS3 be backed up to disk using DVDFAB?


I think they are there to create smaller MPEG-4 files for playback or streaming. I have backed up other game DVDs (not Xbox or PS3) using Clone mode.


to add to signals comments.

the hard drives would get full really quick if not using conversions. this way you can save you favorite movies to the console.


It’s ‘mobile’ because you create a file you can take/use anywhere in a format suitable for these machines…not ON a DVD…(though you could stick it on a DVD I doubt many do).I don’t think mobile implies the machine…i think it implies the format is usable ‘mobile’.

Anyway it’s ALL I use…if it was calld ‘non-mobile’ I wouldn’t worry…what’s in name???