Why downloading from rapidshare takes so long?




I recently started to use rapidshare to download some files and I’ve noticed that my download speed is not that great. I have DSL, but the router is in another room in my house. Any tips to get a faster download speed? I’m not too tech saavy with this stuff so bear with me. Would it be better to put the router in the room where the desktop is?

Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks and Happy Holidays to all.



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Are you using a wireless connection? Are you sure that there is not someone using your bandwidth in the neighborhood? If the router is not properly configured, someone can use your DSL connection to navigate Internet :wink:

Another possible cause is that currently servers are so busy that the connection is slow for everyone.

Another possible cause is that you are downloading something else with emule or torrent maybe?

For unregistered users, moreover, rapidshare purposely reduces the speed allowed in the downloads :wink:



Thanks for the welcome. Yes, I’m using a wireless connection. Our network is secured, so I don’t think anybody else is using our DSL. It’s funny though because 1 file I downloaded went faster on my laptop than on my desktop. I’m not sure why. I am a registered user on rapidshare. Not sure what emule is? I’m trying to get my feet wet using torrents, but haven’t been able to secure a high download speed. I was on the phone with a friend while trying to download a music album and he said it takes him about 2-3 minutes to download where I was averaging about 25 minutes. I know something isn’t right there. Thanks for your help.

Since I’m not too tech saavy, how would I check the router?



Rapidshare uses multiple servers and by default the server used is random. You can change this in your Rapidshare setup.


Your ISP may be throttling the traffic to a specific IP address. Probably it won’t take long for the laptop connection to slow down as well.