Why don't you still use napster? It still works

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On Feb. 12 the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Napster must stop allowing unlicensed downloads. It’s now April 5 and still almost every song can be found. 275,000 titles have been…

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Napster sucks. It has done ever since it took off big time and had all kinds of nerdy freaks on it who cut you off every time your half way through a download. FUCK IT

I don’t use Napster because I can’t search more than one server at a time. That’s one of the things I like about WinMX. That and WinMX will show more than 100 results. :slight_smile:

Napster rulez I still use it, and it works fine!

Napster is Old Fashioned. Why don’t we all use Windows 3.11? This was also a good OS :slight_smile:

I thinks it’s stupid to keep using the Napsterprogram. It is far better to use WinMX or Audiognome. Doesn’t anybody realise that you can search on Napsterservers with these progs? So why stick to that crummy Napsterprog that doesn’t support resume? :frowning:

Napster may “suck” or be “old fashion” to some ppl… But the bottomline is that Napster pioneered P2P software and set the stage for all other so-called P2P software that followed, i.e., WinMX, Audiognome, etc. Without Napster these companies probably wouldn’t even exist or the P2P concept wouldn’t be as popular as it is today… Think about it!

I stil use napster, but mostly I use winmx :slight_smile: