Why don't these discs play on my dvd player?


I have burned some dvd films onto DVD-R and DVD-RW. They both play on my computer but when I put them in my dvd machine they don’t work. The DVD-R discs are Sony 1x8xcompatible 4.7GB. On the back it says wide compatibility. The DVD-RW is a Plus Platinum 4xspeed 4.7GB.

Anyone any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


Most of times these problems are due to a media incompatibility.

Many standalones are really picky. Not all players are able to read rewritable media.

Another possibility is a bad burned media.

What burner/firmware do you have? And at what speed you burned?

The sony media you mentioned above are among the best you can buy so I don’t think the problem is brand choice. Try setting CloneDVD’s burn speed feature to burn at 4X rather than “Maximum”.

RW media is notorious for developing flaws in the writing layer somewhere between one and fifty uses! Off brands are the worst. Most old and many new players don’t like RW media, depending on manufacturing quality.

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Thanks for that. I have CloneDVD & AnyDVD. The speed I burnt the dvds at were 8x because that is what it said on the Sony Disc. I will try burning another one at 4x. Getting through lots of dvds! But I suppose trial an error is the only way forward.

Will let you know in 30 mins or so what the result was.

Thanks again.


Cool. I guess you have the day off, lucky you!

I know these -R Sony Accucore disks inside and out. They are manufactured by Taiyo Yuden (a very reliable media maker). I never heard of the Platypus RW’s though. Burning 8X rated media at 4X gives the disk’s write layer a nice reliable amount of time to accept the data being writen on it without flaws. Burning at 4X also increases the likelihood that your backups will play on a wide range of standalone players other than the one your have in your house which can be a nasty surprise when you upgrade your home unit or when you play them on a friend’s player or a minivan player etc.

Must not be Taiyo Yuden it could also be with a sony mid.

The made in japan ones are TY. The made in Taiwan ones are “other”… I’m 90% sure. Reasonsnotrules knows this stuff for sure.

The MIJs are TY and the taiwan stuff 100% not. That’s why i said it could be another mid, i had sony spindles in my hands with no Made in ******!


Im not having much luck at all!!! Tried burning at 4x but it still would not play on my dvd machine and these Sony DVD-Rs wont play on my computer neither! The Platinum DVD+RW played on my computer but didn’t on my dvd machine.

When I go into ‘My Computer’ and click on the relevant drive with the -R disc in a message comes up saying ‘drive not accessible, incorrect function’ but the normal dvd film plays fine on here and so does the +RW. When I right click and go to properties it says the disc is full so something has burned on it.

Should I have CloneDVD set at 4800mb if the disc is 4.7GB? Also, the tempory directory for video files, should that be set on Drive E? Is that an automatic thing? and the tickbox saying delete temporary video files after writing?

This is sooooo frustrating. Anyone got any advice for me. I have been trying for so long now that I am on the verge of giving up!

Sorry to be such a pain.


Can you answer please?

I have a Philips DVDR1640P drive and AnyDVD/Clone DVD burning software.

When I go into My Computer and click on the drive that the disc is in my computer gets stuck. This is the same with both Sony -R discs that I have burnt the dvd film onto.


I still think that is a media issue. Can you post a scan?

Whats a media issue and how do I post a scan.

Sorry, Im not technical minded in the slightest! Am also pregnant which doesn’t help matters.



No need to be sorry :slight_smile:

I’ll explain you. Open cd-dvd speed, insert a disc on the burner, and then select “disc quality”. Select 4x in the right combo, and press start. After finished, press the little button on high right corner (with a little disc) and save image in PNG format. Finally post resulting image here.

What is the name and model of your standalone DVD player. Some standalone will not Play -R

Just trying to download cd-dvd speed but it is asking me which programme I would like to open the download in. Which should I say?


The Philips DVDR1640P supports bit-setting, and will as default write DVD+R, DVD+RW and DVD+R9 DL media with DVD-ROM book type.

This is a great, it would be better for you to buy +R’s and this way you will have the greatest compatibility possible.

Thanks for that Hamp and Geno 888.

I have tried downloading using the link you stated but it opens in Mozilla loads of times and just goes ballistic then I have real problems trying to stop it. I have run my virus software but my computer is clean so I think I will just try doing what Hamp says as obviously this Philips drive is not compatible with DVD-R discs.

Thanks all for your help.


Your philips burner can burn both plus and dash media.

What HAMP was saying is that you can change the booktype of +R media in ROM, so your standalone see a +R risc as a pressed DVD ROM. This improve compatibility with picky standalones.