Why dont the companies ask our opinion on protection

Guys and Gals you know its getting harder everyday to make backups of cd’s. I figure that if these companies want their stuff protected, why not ask us, the ONES who do make working good copies of stuff. The way I see it is we spend time researching certains tricks, tips and techniques to do this.

Burn, Burn, Burn, till it catches fire

Why do you think they don’t ?

I was wondering:Isn’t it illegal, by the companies, to protect their software against making a backup

in holland it is allowed to have for each original Purchase( Video/DVD/CD/MC/MD)

meaning if i purchase something original, i’ve the right to make a backup.,
why companys take away my right to back a backup
like on my PS2 , if already spend 2K on original software, and now a game breaks down (SSX)
i have to spend again 150,- for this game…

It isn’t illegal for software companies to protect their products from people who like to make “backups” any more than it is “illegal” to have an alarm on your car to prevent theft.

Years back, when programs were published on (unreliable) 3.5 floppies, the publishers encouraged “backups”. The current CD ROM/DVD media is extremely reliable and there is no valid reason for individuals to make a “backup” - unless they are planning to distribute the program to their friends - or go into business selling “backup” CDs on the Internet.

Software companies that have a licensing agreement which prohibits the making of “backups” also have a replacement policy for defective media. It is extremely rare when someone has to buy a NEW copy of a program to replace a defective CD. Of course, if you loaned your original CD program to a friend and didn’t get it back, then you’ve got a problem :slight_smile: