Why don't newer o/d need CD-in cable to SB?

I ask you why. I noticed that when I added the second device, that it plays audio CD’s without the CD-in cable on SB connected. Why’s that? Maybe because of the use of 80-wire IDE cable?

in Windows XP NO optical drive requires a audio cable attached to a sound card because in XP the sound goes thru the PCI bus.

Ya, I don’t even put those audio cables on anymore, they seem kinda worthless nowadays. I’m not really sure they even do anything anymore, maybe someone will correct me if they have any value whatsoever. Maybe something like if you had an ancient sound card or something that couldn’t go through the pci bus instead?

There’s an option in device manager for the drive , under properties, to enable digital audio extraction. With this checked then the cable is not required. However, unchecked then the cable is required. Occassionally it might be necessary to use the cable but very rarely I suspect.