Why don't all optical drives possess error scanning abilities?

I hope this is the right place to ask this question. If I make any mistakes, please briefly let me know. Thanks.

One of the greatest benefits of optical media is the error scanning ability.

Sadly, some models of optical drives (especially those by the vendors Matshita and HL-DT-ST, at least those I tested) have no error scanning ability.

Some other brands such as TSSTcorp and LiteON apparently have support for basic error scanning (I guess good enough for most cases), but apparently only Plextor drives have full support (basic and exptended).

Why don’t all optical drives support extended error scanning? Is there a technical/economical reason or just vendor laziness?

Nowadays, most likely laziness/apathy.

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I still don´t know whether the scannning ability was conscious made or not.

2nd question: How many ppl use/want this ability?

Almost all DVD-writers in the last 10 years can scan, at least all with MTK-chipsets.

With BD-R it´s different, LGs MTK-drives have the hardware to do it but not the FW, only Vinpower seems to care about scanning.

Not sure about Matshita which uses AFAIK QSI-hardware, maybe the chipsets don´t support scanning.

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Not many people know it exists in first place. It still is one of the greatest technical benefits of optical media.

Think the same, used it since CD-R-times and KProbe, but we are freaks :nerd_face:

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Sorry for late response. Indeed. But if more people knew about it, it would be significantly more popular.

In case you are interested: I wrote this article with observations on optical disc drives.

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