Why doesnt newegg carry Taiyo Yuden

Hello all i just got a NEC 3540A and wanted to burn some movies and back up some data. Ive read that the - format was better for backing up movies and i guess there isnt much difference in the formats for backing up data since its all just 1’s and 0’s anyways so i was looking for some TY stuff and couldnt find it out newegg anyone know why they dont sell it and whats the best media on newegg.
Thanks in Advance

you can get ty at www.rima.com which is a very reliable

Supermediastore carries TY’s and they are reliable

NewEgg stopped selling TY discs about 3 months ago or so… As Phil_ recommended, buy them from Rima. They are US $0.41 a disc in a 100-pack, or US $0.58 a disc with the white inkjet face.


Suggest looking on our Bargain Basement forum in here - the Taiyo Yuden are on sale for $.31 each per 100 Shipped - less 10% using code GG10 - and less another 10% using a referral from the folks over on that forum - gets you 4x media - but they are currently shipping 8x and at those prices you cannot go wrong with either that you receive-IMO