Why doesn't my 40w support Mt. Rainer?

I just bought a 40125W Lite-on burner, it was shipped with Ws03 firmware, it is P-Cav but has no Mt. Rainer support.
So I flashed the bios with the new firmware Ws05 but nothing changed!!! :frowning:
Has anyone got a good firmware with Mt.Rainer support??


I personally do not understand why they have not put out a fw to support MT. Rainier for this drivce and they did for 40125S…

use MTKflash and flash to zs0j.bin or zs0j.bin for the 40125S and you will have cav writing and mt. rainier(although I do not see the need right now for it as software is still trying to catch from what I read from other members…my personally opinion)

Of the information posted on this forum u can find that there hasn’t been implemented support for Mt.Rainier yet for the W-series of burners, although you can use MTKFlash and flash your drive into an S-series with either one of the 2 newest firmwares for the 40125S-drive.

the difference between the W and the S- series, was Z-CLV and P-CAV, with the newest firmwares for the 40125S-drive there has been implemented P-CAV as well.
The difference now is mainly that the newest firmwares for the 40125S supports Mt.Rainier while the firmwares for the 40125W doesn’t support Mt.Rainier

40125W = P-CAV and no Mt.Rainier at the present (most likely support for Mt.Rainier with a new firmware in the near future)

40125S = P-CAV and Mt.Rainier with the latest 2 firmwares (ZS0J and ZS0K)

I asked the liteon’s support, here is their answer, about mouint rainer support on 40125W :

Dear Sir,

Your drive fully supports Mt.Rainier.
Do you have a recording software installed on your PC ie Nero, Winon etc.
If so, please deinstall it and reinstall the CDRW.

Best regards,

Michael Crossan
FA Engineer, Liteon IT.
Optical storage Div.,
email: michael_crossan@liteontc.com

I think they suck a lot finally !