Why doesn't FlashFix work with the latest firmwares?



Why is Flashfix not enough anymore to unscramble the latest Liteon FWs?
With previous ones I used to use Flashfix and than OP to speed patch my FWs.
I really don’t mind downloading it from the Codeguys’ but …it was more funny o do it myself :frowning:


The latest flasher (KS0A) works perfectly with the latest FlashFix ( Did you read the instructions for FlashFix carefully (especially the part about necessary support files?).

PS: FlashFix isn’t suppose unscramble anything; it just lets you flash your drive using the official flasher.

PPS: I’m splitting this off into its own thread because it’s off-topic.


Thanks code65536,

I know flashfix isn’t suppose to unscramble but … with previous 1633S FW I was able to speedpatch the FW after having run the Liteon stock version into flashfix. (unless my memory is Fuc—g up).


are you sure you don’t mean XFlash? flashfixed firmwares can’t be run through omnipatcher…


It might be one of those morning when you wake up and think you have done things you never did…
But was pretty sure I was able with previous 1633S firmware to speedpatch the drive after having ran the FW into flashfix… maybe I am wrong…


“Flashfix -> Flash -> Dump -> Patch -> Flash” still works…
“Flashfix -> Patch -> Flash” doesn’t work (and hasn’t worked since May 2004).


Thanks code65536, I am not crazy than.