Why does'nt anyone release a DVD2One-type program using real MPEG2 encoding?



When I backup movies, I whant maximum quality, wich I certainly do not get with DVD2One. But backing up a disk using CCE or TMPEG is pretty complicated for a normal Joe, and requires expensive software.

How come no company has released an easy to use program like the many transcoding programs out there, but using real encoding and not transcoding? Is it impossible to do or to expensive or what?


InstantCopy 7 is reported to do real encoding, not transcoding. Its pretty simple to use.

A quick simple encode and using CCE can be done with DVD2DVD-R. Have a read at http://www.mrbass.org/dvd2dvdr/ for a good guide.


No, IC7 is a transcoding program:

“While InstantCopy is a full featured transcoder with highest quality output, both programs you are naming do only a quick “requantization” and ignore the lower quality and signal errors in the resulting stream.”


And I don’t think using DVD2DVD-R is simple. You have to use Scenarist NT ect.


Simple is relative, depends on how many things you want done for you. I would take the middle road and use the DoX4u programs. Look for the guide on Doom9 labeled “Big 3”. No you can’t do VOBID movies with it yet, but if you are doing movie only it should not be a problem. Also Chickenman’s guide to use DVD2SVCD for movie only is actually very good for beginners; but if you want to keep advanced stuff such as seamless branching, you will save a lot of time learning advanced Scenarist techniques by using a transcoder.