Why doesn't a 113 min movie fit on 1 disc?

Ok, so if I try to copy a main movie only, and cut out all of the alternate audio tracks and subtitles, it is still 5.2 gigs for a 113 min movie.

What is the deal? Is there something extra hiding in the VOBs that I can get rid of somehow? Shouldn’t this thing fit on one disc?

Thank you!

BTW I tried copying main movie with DVDFab, DVD Shrink, and IfoEdit with no luck…

keeping only the main movie doesn’t always guarantee that the main movie itself will fit onto a single disc without compression. it won’t require a whole lot of compression to make a 5.2 gb movie fit onto a dvd+/-r though, so just use dvdshrink to transcode it.

Yeah but I mean a 120 min MPEG2 is supposed to fit on one disc right? So I am assuming that maybe there is something else I need to strip since the movie is shorter than that.

It depends on your file’s bitrate (data rate) so you might need to transcode or re-encode to make it fit on a DVD-/+R.

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