Why doesn`t 3550a like being sec slave?

I erm was a bit hashy and forced ide cable in as i had it twisted around (so hd was below) and broke a pin off bottom where gap would be on top :doh: .I thought i`d knackered drive as it was stuck on pio mode.So i tried a new cable,detected poss dma but burned in pio (20mins for a dvd).
So i took sec master hd off and switched dvd to master on its own and whaddya know it works :bigsmile: .
Why do you reckon it only likes being master? and could i put other hd as slave without performance loss? i always thought hd likes to be master hmm.

Sec slave is no good idea, on some mobos it’s the weakest ide channel at all.

I just got a 3550a and it’s on my secondary Ide, and it’s a slave. I have no problems with any burn speeds. As long as the media can handle it. Actually I don’t see any performance loss whatsoever over my Master 3520aw drive. If anything the 3550a on secondary slave is a faster ripper. Just thought I would share that.