Why does this POS Lite-on speed up and slow down

when reading 1673@1693 :a :frowning:

Because you talk to it like that. :sad: Jesus, would it kill you to talk nice to the lite on once in a while, maybe take her out?

Mr. Monk, how do you have the five drives set up?

hahahahaha good one the benqโ€™s are sexier

If you get the Lite-On drunk, she will put out at full speed. Just inject some wine into the little hole on the face plate. :slight_smile:

itz the firmware. flash back to JS07 [patched] for 1673 x16 read speed and it should be ok.

Nope does it with 1673 firware also downloaded from codekings site and OP was used on it. Where is this firware you speak of

I use a PCE IDE controller card for my hard drives, and that leaves the 2 channels onboard for 4 drives. The Plextor 712 is a SATA drive, so it uses an onboard SATA controller. :slight_smile: