Why does this Happen?

On alot of Disks that I try to get the full disk this happens.
I’m ripping everything to the HD, I process thru DVD2One 1.1.3 for the entire movie sized to 4476 and I leave only the AC3 5.1.
Everything goes well I can look at the movie to see it plays OK. But the moment I try to burn with Record Now Max it crashes the program. If I do movie only on the same disk I’m OK. I can only think it’s something with one of the Video_ts files. It is currantly happenning on Fox’s Sexy beast Disk. Any Ideas what’s happenning?

Check file size 4472. I use copytocd/dvd and works great. It hasn`t let me down yet.

Try setting the output size to 4444mb.

I did try setting it down to 4452 with the same result, I’ll try 4444 next time if you think it’ll make a difference

4452 should have been ok. ReneB recommends 4444mb.

Just a thought (sorry for asking) are you tight on Hard Disk space ?

Nope 200 GB Hard Drive. The problem lies on certain disks only when I go to burn Record Now Closes or Crashes with an error. If I then on the same disk do Movie Only thru DVD2one, RecordNow will burn it. That’s why I think on certain disks the IFO files are being built incorrectly

Hmmmmm. … when RNM crashes, what exactly happens ? does it just freeze or do you get any kind of error message ?

The only other simple thing, you could try is downloading/installing new aspi drivers.

I am using latest version of Nero and haven’t hit this problem yet.

XP gives you the “Report to Microsoft Box” I can look at the details of the error which is in a specific module. If this was happening all the time I would redo thedrivers but its not

I have just read back over this thread and see that you can play the Dvd20ne output, through your Player software ok, so the structure/ifos etc. must be ok.
I doubt very much if it’s a Dvd2one issue with ifos. My guess would be your burning software has a problem/conflict somewhere.

It might be a good idea to uninstall RNM and reinstall it, this may clear the problem. If not try another program. The latest Nero is now good and you can try it free, with the trial copy, to see.

It could still be a good idea to update your aspi drivers though, whatever program you use.

My thinking is based on the fact that RNM crashes & gives you a Windows error message, which suggests that XP is having trouble, with the RNM process. Your theory about RNM rejecting an incorrectly built ifo, seems logical, but I really dont think RNM is that clever, I am sure that, like Nero, it probably only checks to see that the right type of files are present.

Try an uninstall/reinstall first & see how you get on. Remember also that burning software doesn’t always like to co-exist with other burning software, so uninstall one before installing another.

Record Now Max is my Only other burning Software unless you count InstantCopy. The kicker is that these same DVD’s will burn if I do movie only instead of Full Disk. It’s when DVD2One is compiling Full Disk that it’s doing something that crashes RNM. And it’s Only on certain disks