Why does the DVDInfopro thread is everywhere?

This question is probably for cdf Mod’s.
The thread concerning Nic Wilson, author of DVDinfopro all around this forum.

Please leave it in the proper sub-forum, but including this thread in most sub-forums gives me a weird impression. If you defend yourself with so much energy, you end up looking guiltier.

Hey, please understand: I really do not care about this. I am just a plain cdf forum member.
If the guy said something wrong or false about cdf, then it’s ok to reply, but take it easy dudes, otherwise this whole forum will have a bad “vengeance” taste.

Because he chose to include a document with accusations that we condonce piracy, install spyware and unproffessional with his software we want to make sure that every potential reader of that document also reads our side of the story. When the time is right the threads will of course be removed.

I’m ok with defending yourself. It’s your right.

However, I disagree with the way that CD freaks management decided to transgress the basic forum rules.

this link is the rules that we must all follow

you will find this - YOU SHOULD READ IT - refresher training!

We (at CD freaks) do not allow:

[li]Spam (Spam is unsolicited e-mail (or news postings and Private Messages) pushing a point); [/li][li]Referral Programmes or Pyramid Schemes (links to websites through which you have a personal gain); [/li][li]Cross posting (posting the same message in more than one forum (one posting per language is permitted in certain circumstances)) [/li][/ul]I have counted 9 forums with this nic wilson thread.

If I post in two forums, I can bet I’ll be warned in a second by any mods. I’m ok with this.

WTH is going on with you. The forum rules are the forums rules. You are freely transgressing them. Today you think you have a good rationale. Another day, you will find another “cause” for doing so. And then on and on.

That’s all

Please leave it in one forum, the one you choose, but pls remove these spam threads.

IMO, this multi post thing makes cd freaks look worse.

We could also have posted an annoucement which would made it appear on top of every forum. However we felt we should not get the entire forum involved but only the forums with users that could potentially have read the document. We needed to get this straight and defend ourselves therefor we used this option. Afterall the information was already available in a thread.

Maybe it’s best explained as seeing it as an emergency. The police is not allowed to drive trough a red traffic sign unless they have blue lights and there is an emergency.

I don’t really get the point of the “playing-equality-game” manifestation.

Members are members, Mods are Mods, Management is a Management.
Everybody on his/her proper place with the adequate responsibility.

Let those decide what to do, who are involved, i.e. CDF Management that runs the Forums, possesses the necessary data and background information.

They are free to take their proper decisions, like we, Members in questions of personal dimension.

Thanks for answering,
It’s a good illustration and I will shut up.

“Let those decide what…”
Aye Aye sir.:wink:

Rules are there to make it better places for everyone, not just for making it easier for the management or moderators to moderate open boards.

Crossposting is allowed sometimes. I do it, too. Like saying some media are good or at what speeds some drives can write. How many times people like Code65536 or Da_Taxman have repeated basically the same thing hundreds of times? The rules discourage crossposting because too many people abuse forums by asking questions for their own use to get the attentions from more people and such things really depress the very people who are most likely to answer such questions. CDFreaks is human.

The main reason why crossposting is not allowed is to prevent scattered discussions. We want discussions to take place in a single thread, so all can read the same information and reply to it. It would be a waste if some information was posted in one thread and people who don’t read that thread, but the second one, may miss valuable information or, what is also annoying, write a whole story and do a lot of research, only to find out that someone has already given that information (then the latter user could have saved a lot of time and energy.

As Domi pointed out here, this was an emergency. Furthermore, all other threads were closed soon after copying them in the different forums, with a link to the one and only ‘official’ thread. This last decision prevented scattered discussions, the main reason why we are against crossposting.

I was very much against this thread be open in all those forums at first, but given the circumstances and the way it was done now (closed threads), I think it was a good decision.