Why does the Benq 1620 only support 4x on Prodisc R02s?



the 822W supports 8x and writes incredably well with this media at that speed. Very strange also, that mediacodeedit doesnt even show this strategy. :iagree: Is that intentional that it only shows 8x and above strategies?

8x scan with cdspeed (still think 6x should be the standard) :iagree: .


AFAIK (and ala42 will probably correct me on this :wink: ) it shows all codes in the firmware.

The probable the reason you are only getting 4x out of the media as those not found in the table end up using a generic strategy with limited write speed ie 4x.

You could I suppose rename one of the strategies in there to match ProdiscR02, chances are one of them will be a better match for the media than the generic 4x one.


Pretty wild that it would not have a R02 strategy since that was a very popular 4x dvd+r type. But, could be possible I guess. Maybe the new version of alas program is missing some codes?


Its a long time since I’ve seen any R02 media myself, guess it wasnt a priority because its so (relatively) old.

Got to remember space in flash is limited and adding new codes is sooner or later mean the older ones get pushed out, after all whats the point in keeping tables full of media that may have gone out of production many years ago? For the vague chance someone may dust off some unused blanks they forgot about 2 years ago? I dont think so.


I got heaps of Prodisc R02’s. I just renamed the Prodisc R03 to R02 with ala’s proggy :slight_smile:


Yeah, it’s simple like that… :smiley:

BTW Jamos, I can’t see any logic in your arguing about PIE/PIF scanning with CD Speed at 6x.
I think you better come up with arguments that have some technical bearing first. In my eyes, scanning at 6x speed is just waste of time.
Note. I was browsing this forum while scanning.