Why does the 3520A do worse than the 3500A? (was: Why? Said the spry little fly.)



Mabey someone can explain this to me. Why would the 3520 use inferior write stratagies to the 3500…or is the difference all in the hardware??? I am having somewhat of a hard time understanding why the scans from 3520 burns are inferior to the 3500…


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code65536: I’m sure you know the answer. So, how about helping a guy out?


I do not know the answer. Only NEC would know for sure what exactly is going on. We in the forum could only make guesses.

My guess would be that it has something to do with all the hardware changes that took place. It is not unusual for there to be shifts (either upwards or downwards) when there are significant hardware revisions; this is true for all drive manufacturers.




New hardware … new firmware.
Just wait for an firmware update which should improve reading/writing.


And as we can see NEC is changing it’s firmware almost an a daily bases. There now are 4 different 1.04 firmwares with different write strategies.


lets hope they find one that works!


As far as i can see, having looked at both 3500 and 3520 write strategies. It appears NEC have taken the 2.18 ND-3500 and used them in the ND-3520, added a few RW strats and the -R DL strats.

I guess they needed a starting point, but the hardware is different. So what worked for the ND-3500 needs tweaking for the ND-3520. Of course as Code said, maybe the hardware isn’t so good. But its not bad either. I think when NEC put some effort into the firmware on the ND-3520, the drive will turn out to be a good drive. It will have to be good, as i think this new hardware (chipset) will be used for quite some time by NEC.


thanks all for the info…


What makes you think this?
Aren’t they on their third chipset in as many drives?
2500/2510, 3500, 3520…

I really don’t know so I’m asking.


It is indeed the 3rd chipset in as many drives. But the ND-3520 uses a new architecture, with the CPU now integrated into the chipset itself, this should allow costs to be cut, and its rumoured the hardware is capable of much more than is currently implimented.
Providing the hardware is good and the drive just needs more mature firmware to improve performance, then i would expect this chipset to be around a while. A while in computer terms however may only mean months.