Why does Roxio/Easy CD 'suck'?

I’m fairly new to the club. Can someone answer me in a quick summary why Roxio/Easy CD ‘sucks’ by most accounts?

Does it burn well and reliably is all I care about… is it just a high overhead issue? (Shouldn’t be a problem with today’s machines)

Is Nero 5 the undisputed king as far as all-purpose payware goes?

What does Nero Express not have in it?

What’s the best dvd ripper out there and are there good functional freeware ones?

Is DVDXcopy (old version) good?

Plz help or point me to articles…

Hello new friend,

I didn’t think it was possible, but you have perhaps invited a flame from every software tribe in this community,LOLOL

To answer your question simply…to all the yes or no questions,answer is yes and or yes usually…:slight_smile:

To answer the whats best why questions…answer is try them…even the payware stuff offers demos…the best software is the software that works best for you…

As too the freeware stuff, a few days here in any given forum will clearly point you to decent freeware where available…:slight_smile:

Umm…to save you a lil time…DVDShrink and DVDDecrypter are excellent freeware tools for ripping and more

Previous versions of Roxio like v4 and 5 have been reported to create problems for many users, although you should keep in mind that problems depend on the ability of the corresponding person to troubleshoot.

The latest Roxio 6 series are a great improvement, i have used it for a while and had no actual problems.

Nero is a nice piece of software that usually delivers. Although the 5 series are said to be more stable, i have seen no major bugs in the last 2 versions of the 6 series. Plus Nero 6 includes several new features in the package that one might find helpful. Nero Express is basically Nero Burning Rom with no/less advanced settings.

I use DVD Decrypter as a ripper, does what it is supposed to do just fine.

For other software related issues do some reading in the corresponding forums, lots of info there :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! So DVD Decrypter is a good freeware ripper program…

Ripping = backing up a dvd movie to HD to burn afterwards? Does it do anything about copy protection or that needs a separate program like DVDXcopy?

One more question: If I have 2 dvd-rom drives, can I avoid ripping to the hard drive and do a straight dvd-dvd copy? Is that the fastest, easiest way of doing things?

dvd decrypter can remove all protections on a dvd when the options are set correctly (which they are by default).

you’ll only be able to copy on-the-fly if the dvd you want to copy is single-layered and your source dvd-rom drive can supply the data fast enough to your dvd burner. most dvd movies are dual-layered (in which case you’ll need to shrink/strip its contents down to size), and many dvd-rom drives limit their read speed on CSS-encrypted dvds (which all dvd movies are).

personally i dont like roxio because it “simplifies” things too much. Much like i dont like Mac’s for the same reason

If you look at software like nero etc it seems to offer many more tweaks to it and thats what i like. Besides when xp came out there were SOO many problems with easy cd creator 4 & 5 (5 didn’t properly work on xp till version 5.3 and would cause alot of problems)

Personally i just steered away from it. The newer versions also have a “childish” look to them which i dont like either

I use RecordNow myself (came free with my LiteOn DVD burner) :smiley:

I’ve heard Burnatonce is a nice free burning app as well.

Originally posted by Ssseth

I’ve heard Burnatonce is a nice free burning app as well.

It aint just nice, it’s simply great :wink:

I just find it weird that most everyone is talking bout Nero Nero and no one about Roxio/Easy CD&DVD Creator (as payware bundles).

I think Roxio 6.x newly updated is pretty stable from what I’ve seen so far…which freeware (or not) are among the best at just simply copying data to CDs or DVDs?

If all you really want to do is copy data to cd/dvd writeable. And don’t have a need for alot of tweaks and settings, Roxio is as good as anything else out there.

For the most part, the kind of burning we focus on here, Roxio is pretty weak in “advanced settings” and the inteface is a lil too simplistic. Granted, my experience with this software is EZCD 5.0 Platinum and earlier…have no idea how 6 behaves.

Nero has earned a reputation as a burners tool, because of the advanced it supports, but unless your a power burner…ehh…phhpt. Having said that, Nero is an outstanding program in general.

As the 2 previous posts imply, burnatonce is an excellent freeware burner, try the demos of all of them out there…your mileage may vary…:slight_smile:

Ah, thx Zig. Would it be fair to say then that for data archiving and such Roxio 6.x is just fine but for ripping and/or DVD cloning/copying and other more advanced stuff, Roxio is relatively much poorer to the competition?

Well again VallyBally, can’t really speak to the features of Roxio6 as my experience is Roxio5 and earlier. But from my perspective based on that…for archiving mp3’s…digital photos, and other misc stuff from my hard drive to a cd or dvd…my Roxio works just fine with my drives…no problem at all.

Now when it came to more advanced projects like making a SVCD or games…My Roxio was weak compared to the other tools you’ll hear about here…I soon moved on to Nero :slight_smile:

As for ripping…there are fine free tools out there, Roxio isn’t even in my radar for such activity.

The more you read here ad depending on what type of projects you want to burn, you’ll learn what tools you need in your war chest…and which ones to use for what…:slight_smile:

Good luck Hoss!

I agree that BurnAtOnce is a great burner and at a fantastic price (free). What I like about it that I rip to Monkey’s Audio files for the lossless excellence and then I can burn the resulting APE files with BurnAtOnce.

There are other fine free burners out there, but most do not yet support Monkey’s Audio. I also like that BurnAtOnce has a good many exacting features. It’s more than a click-and-burn program, although it can be set up to do that.

I also like Feurio, but it doesn’t seem to support Monkey’s Audio. Otherwise, that would probably be my choice for other lossy formats. It has a great many control functions.

Just 'cuz it’s free doesn’t mean it’s bad. Remember that. Look at EAC, the best ripper out there.

Originally posted by Ssseth
I’ve heard Burnatonce is a nice free burning app as well.
You have heard correctly!
For me it is simply the best burning application for Win32 ever. :bow: