Why does noone use DvdShrink?

As per title. I really love its re-author mode. It seems faster than nero recode. I use shrink to write an iso, and then burn later with nero.

Previously, I had been using recode, but it seems quite picky with .vob structure. I accidentally ripped a file to an unsplitted 7.5Gb .vob and shrink was the only program which I could burn with.

I believe there are millions of Shrink users out there. It still is very popular.:iagree:

I still use Shrink with AnyDVD for backups of older titles.

Hmm. Its just that there are almost no threads on dvdshrink around here. It is very easy to use really :slight_smile:

I still use it for not so recent titles in my collection. The really hard copy protection was only introduced here in the UK in the last year/18 months (before that you might find the odd DVD with it), so it still does nicely for a lot of titles. :slight_smile:

Its just that there are almost no threads on dvdshrink around here. It is very easy to use really

I think you answered your own question there…it is so easy to use not many have to post questions about it’s use and the problems are probably already well documented and the solutions can be found via a quick search.

Since DVD Shrink is no longer in development, I’m guessing that there are relatively few new users, and since a large majority of problem posts for any program are from people using it for the first time, it’s just not as common to see such posts about DVD Shrink anymore.


I use it all the time, great program.

I used Shrink today myself.

I second that :bigsmile:

I use Shrink all the time. HDFabDvd and Shrink with ImgBurn and no failures. It can’t any simpler than that.

I use DVDShrink too in most cases. Why not ?? It is a great freeware. If something not working, there are DVDFlab Platinum and AnyDVD/CloneDVD on my PC for ripping it to HD and then using DVDShrink. But do not use this proggie without AnyDVD…

But do not use this proggie without AnyDVD…

So has slysoft fixed the compatability issues with DVD Shrink? There was a time not too long ago that the two weren’t playing well together.

Yes, but I did understand, this happens only with some Sony protected discs or newest extrem protection. Slysoft has fixed CloneDVD2 for better working with Shrink/NeroRecode. If there are problems, you have to copy (rip) DVD data first to HD and then use Shrink or Recode without problems.

I have never seen any problems, but I think, I will have some, if i get a sony original :slight_smile: . There are still ways to solve problems…

There are still ways to solve problems…


Regarding the AnyDVD/DVD Shrink problems with Sony discs, they have been fixed. A recent version of AnyDVD introduced an entirely new AnyDVD Ripper function that’s based upon the code used by CloneDVD. Therefore you can simply rip the disc to your hard drive with the AnyDVD Ripper function and then open it with Shrink. For most other protections you can simply open it directly with Shrink with AnyDVD running and you’ll have no problem.

Hi SamuriHL, argh, I did truly forgotten this easy future, you talk about. I never need it. Maybe, i become an old man and once a day, I will do not remember about my name… Sorry, try to remember better next time.

No need to apologize at all. I was simply pointing out that the problem had been fixed and that Shrink users can once again use AnyDVD with all protected discs. Slysoft is great like that. :slight_smile:

I love DVDShrink; it’s so simple (which as mentioned is why there are so few posts), and makes it easy to mix and match titles from multiple sources.

I use it for various things, especially when I need to split a movie or something, and I want to throw in some extras or what have you.

My favorite thing about DVDShrink however has got to be the nice, streamlined ui. It’s not cluttered or skinned like so many other apps I’ve tried that have those flickering buttons and junk.

As for problems, I’ve had (a) few with it. I don’t recall having any problems with AnyDVD, but there have been a couple of titles—especially those with angles—which showed up in Shrink incorrectly (they would be fragmented like Title 5 (1), Title 5 (2), Title 5 (3)…), and a few recent ones that didn’t show up at all (it opened the VIDEO_VTS folder and found nothing).