Why does Nero clip the beginning of the first song to go on a CD

This doesn’t happen with every CD but it happens enough to make it a problem. On some CDs, Nero will just barely clip the very first song that’s burned on the CD. It doesn’t affect the rest of the CD. Nero seems to clip about 1/2 a second off. Now, I know it’s not the drive or computer because I can take the same group of songs, use the same kind of blank CD-R, and use Real Player and make the same CD and that first track does not get clipped. Is there a setting somewhere I can change? Heck, I don’t even mind adding an extra second or two at the beginning of the CD before the first song begins. My Nero version appears to be .

Thanks for your help!

You cannot add that before the first song because Nero follows more or less the RedBook specification where this is not possible for Audio-CDs.

I wouldn’t suggest to use Nero for AudioCDs, especially such ones in DAO/SAO mode.

Forgive late reply, I’ve just joined the forum. I have been having exactly the same problem - so why [I]does [/I] Nero do it. Is there [I]anything [/I] that can be done? And if I shouldn’t use Nero what should I use?

If it’s an Audio CD then try Burrrn (www.burrrn.net). It’s a free , simple Audio CD burner. Takes in a wide range of formats & does a decent job.
I never use Nero for this type of job.

So what is the best suite for burning CD and DVD since NERO got so many bugs and Roxio seems also to be buggy.

Maybe a combination of free tools:

cdburnerxp, imgburn, dvddecrypter, burrrn …

I use Nero 6 for DVD burning (movies & data discs) & Roxio 7.5 for music CDs. With these versions for these functions I’ve not experienced any bugs.

Thanks for the prompt answer. So as I get it the best thing is to use different software for different tasks and stay away from a one-in-all-solution.

Yes that’s what I find, others manage fine with an all-in-one package.

Both Nero & Roxio offer much the same in the way of functionality but one might do a particular thing better than other. Also there are some fine free apps, like Burrrn, which only do 1 thing and do it well.