Why does Nec voluntarily have riplocking and not SL bitsetting?

Others have added these features easily. Why does Nec make a concerted effort to have riplocking built into the 3500, and sl bitsetting not allowed, with their official firmwares?

Good question…

Because they can. And you’ll still buy their drives :wink:

It’s a “political” decision and they are not interested in what the consumer wants.
dhc014 is right. People still buy their drives.

If you want a drive by a manufacturer that cares about what you want then get a BenQ.

But couldn’t they get even more sales and love from people if they’d put these in? I just don’t see why a manufacturer would willingly curtail the performance of a product. A car manufacturer wouldn’t take a 300 hp car and tone it down to 280 willingly (insurance costs and all that notwithstanding).

I heard in another thread the Riplock is there so the drive is quieter when playing back a movie.

I think I heard the bitsetting is simply because it isn’t part of the official +R(W) standard.

One other thing, it differentiates NEC from their OEM’s. TDK, HP, Dell, etc… get drives with SL bitsetting. One of them needs to get FW with PI/PIF SCANNING!!!

If this is the case then why have they done bitsetting for +R DL?
Isn’t that violating their politics?
Or do they do it because it’s the only way to get “best” compatibility…
Hypocritical if you ask me…

Do we know that bitsetting for +R DL isn’t part of the DVD standard ?

I don’t know but some investigating might be called for before we fly off the handle. Maybe bitsetting for the SL isn’t part of the DVD standard but bitsetting for DL +R is ?

Maybe any disc over 4.7 GB’s needs to be set to DVD-Rom to be recognized by set-top players and under 4.7 GB’s +R and -R are recognized ?
Just some thoughts …


I actually don’t know. Please correct me if I’m wrong here folks.

I don’t know either I’m just trying to recall threads I’ve read over the past year :slight_smile:

Change of bitsetting is allowed according to the DVD+R standard. Hans Driessen from Philips commented on this here (from the comments at the bottom of the page):

NEC also used DVD-ROM bitsetting for DVD+R on the ND-1100A (auto, not changeable) so why they stopped doing it on later drives is a mystery…

Thanks jsl but do you really think it’s a mystery? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, after all Philips set top DVD recorders have been capable of doing this on +media for some time, I think from the first one.

I found that if u flash ND-3500A with Mag 2F9, then change the bitsetting u want, then flash it back to ND-3500A official 2.18 firmware, the bitsetting is what u set after using Mag 2F9, I only found that what I saw on “Binflash gui 1.02 Booktype option”, but I didn’t try it. So now my drive is using 2.18, but has booktype “DVD-rom” for burning DVD+r sl

You need to actually burn a disc and check it out after to be sure. A lot of people have been caught with a drive “reporting” SL bitsetting only to find out after the burn that it wasn’t there.