Why does my dvd take 2 hours to burn?

It takes 2 hours to burn a dvd and 15 to burn cd

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Bit more info required I’m afraid…what burner are you using and what software? Also what Operating System are you using?

Sounds like a DMA issue.

Im using windows vista and windows dvd maker that came with the computer. This is my first computer just got it a week ago.


If the drive is internally installed, check if DMA is enabled for all your drives: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=101616

If you are using an USB drive, then you need a hi-speed USB 2.0 interface in your computer. The information you were giving indicate that you are using an old USB 1.1 interface.


I have a HP Pavillion.

You beat me to it ;)…and great to see the guide has been updated for Vista :clap:

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Without knowing any specifics…
It would seem that your burner’s transfer mode is not adequate, ie., a DMA issue.

Take a look at my sig, you’ll see 2 links.
Read through the 1st and follow womble’s suggestions. If no luck, read #2 and run the VBScript (both are worth a read anyway, lottsa good info).

Hope this helps.


Holy cow!..I’m older and slower than I thought… :sad: :bigsmile:

I really dont know what any of that means im a computer dummy.

This is as good as no information :frowning: There were thousands of different HP Pavilion systems starting from some PIII systems in 1999 or 2000.

If that is a new computer, contact HP support for further advice.


Womble’s guide will walk you through… :wink:

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Maybe the .vbs script would be a better option…no settings to change if the OP is new to PCs. :slight_smile:

Ok i looked and it says dma enabled now what?

Ok its a brand new 2007 computer

thanks for trying. :sad:

try nero if u say you’re using windows dvd burning software built in try some other software

Where did you look? Did you try anything from the link Michael gave you?

But what is the current transfer mode? That’s the important thing, not if it’s enabled but if it is actually running in DMA mode.

On a side note, are you using Windows Movie Maker to convert your video files to DVD format and then burn? If so, the conversion process is most likely what is taking so long.

i am using windows dvd maker and it starts with encoding first whatelse can i use.

it says its running in dma mode

Unless your standalone player can accept whatever the original file type is, then conversion to DVD format is a must. Other programs can be faster, but the speed is generally related to the specs of your PC (CPU, memory, etc).