Why Does My Computer Think "Shutdown" Means "Restart"?

On my old P3 533mhz, 810e Chipset, 512 MB RAM, 10 GB HDD, and WinXP pc, I have this power down problem. Its like I tell the pc to power down from the start menu, and it looks alrite, and since mine is the auto turn off type (like many pcs these days), when windows looks like its finishing its power down, the screen goes black and then the pc just gets restarted again.

I’ve heard of this on other forums and reports, but I didnt really find any concrete solutions. Anyone got/had this problem? Anyone got a solution, or maybe even a suggestion or guess?

Thnx all in advance.

Btw, is there anyway to create like a shortcut on desktop or quicklaunch to bring a pc into standby if you don’t got a keyboard with shortcut keys.

This is a great program, simply great. It’s easy to use, and the download is a mere 9k. http://www.x-bios.3dgames.ru/modules.php?name=X_BIOS_FileArchive&op=download&ini=1&lang=english&dir=files/ray&fname=winshut.zip&dc=Windows%20ShutDown%20version%202.5

I reccomend that you:

  1. Put the exe in a system folder, such as c:\windows\system32
  2. Run the program
  3. Right click the tray icon and click advanced
  4. Uncheck the “Don’t load next time box”

Now it will start at boot up and run like service, so it survives logouts. You can still close it manually though, so you might want a shortcut on the start menu or desktop.

See Windows XP Restarts Unexpectedly or Restarts When You Shut Down the Computer

I doubt that you have Easy CD Creator 5.0 on your computer, but if you do see Windows XP Restarts When You Try to Shut Down Your Computer.

Turning Automatic Restart doesn’t help. But thnx, BadReligionPR, for that program, it at least makes the putting the pc into standby easier.

Any other suggestions anyone?

Had a similar problem with a Duron 1100/KT333 setup I built for my family. Tried everything to get it to work right. Finally realized it was a flaky power supply.

I haven’t heard of the P3 processors being as power hungry as the AMD cpu’s, but if you have access to a higher rated PS, give it a try.

IT sounds like you are running an ATX (powers off automatically) motherboard with a AT (manual swith) power supply.

when you press the power button does it return to its original position, or does it feel like it stays in a little, untill you press it again. (like a pen)

Well, here’s something I forgot to mention, that system used to run on Win98SE, with no problem. Then I upgraded to WinXP and the problem came, so I went back to Win98SE after a clean format, but the problem remained. So then I went to Mandrake, and the problem disappeared, but that doesn’t really count since Linux sorta does what Win95 does and just tells you its safe to turn of your pc. So I went back to WinXP and the problem is still there.

It could be my PS, I’ll try getting rid of some unneccessary devices first, like newtork card and usb card, and trying to conserve power. Maybe I can borrow a larger one from a friend.

Here’s that system’s exact specs

I’m not really sure if the power button stays or not. These days when I really need it to shut down, I get it to suspend mode or get it to restart, and before it can power up again, I press and hold the power button for like 5 secs, which would prompt it to shut down.

case sounds like ATX too…hmmm…it could be in your power settings in your control panel.

its a while since ive seen a XP Pc…but try going to control panel, then power options…then something to do with advanced power options, or advanced power something, and enable it.

see how you go.

I also have a minor shutdown problem with XP. When I had Win2k the computer shut off automatically. Now with Xp I have to do it manually. Where the setting for auto-shutdown located? Is there one?


I don’t see anything that can relate to that. After I enter Power Options, I get to choose either Power Scheme, Advanced, Hibernate Options, or UPS options. Under Advanced it just like what does the Power Button do if I press it (e.g. Standby, Shutdown, Ask, Nothing), and let whether I want to set password. Mine is on default btw for all dat.

@ Duchman i had the exact same problem with my XP.
The way i fixed it was by enableing “advanced power something”

do a search for APM and APCI, from memory it was in the power option in control panel, but inspecting a XP pc today (as i now run win2k) i saw that the option was not there.

i believe its something like advanced power managment.

Sounds like something to do with my mobo, either my chipset or BIOS. I’m goin to try to update the BIOS, but last time I tried it it messed up the pc and forced me to do an emergency recovery.

Nope, no luck finding the tab or the option to turn it on. Weird. :frowning:

my memory must be failing me…cause i could of sworn thats where i enabled it…my appologies.

try bios switches. power, scan user flash area, and there’s another one in mine. this last one will reset itself withthe next boot. i’ll check it with my next boot, can’t remember what it’s called. had the same prob with 98se that i run. i’m almost certain it was all in the bios. i do remember that i thrashed quite a bit before getting it resolved, at least so far


Alright cool, I’ll try it tommorow after school. Keep me posted if you find out what exactly its called.