Why does my brain stalls so much?

sometimes, i forget where it was that i wanted to go.

sometimes, i don’t even know what i was supposed to be doing, even in the midist of doing that something.

sometimes, i would forget about my apartment floor number, i ended up pondering for over 10 secs on which floor i actually live on.

sometimes when i go shopping i ended up in a park because i deviated from where i was heading after i had forgotten the place i was suppose to go to.

Throughout my entire childhood i’ve scared away countless math tutors, because i couldn’t keep up with everything that was said to me, even after breaking the sentences into segments, i just can’t remember what segment 1 2 3 4 was after the tutor is finished with his last word.

tutor: “repeat the concept i just taught you”

me: “…”

tutor: “…not again…”

kinda like now, because if this were a live conversation and you asked me what the topic of this thread was called, i wouldn’t be able to answer you at all, unless be given atleast an hour to think about it.

socially, it was most troubling and a hinderence for me. i couldn’t very well follow a conversation let alone understand the topic that were being discussed. and so within less than a minute i was completely lost on what everyone’s babbling on about, my mind was blank.

today, my college teacher asked multiple times of me to submit my homework, but as soon as i reached into my bag i had already forgotten what i was doing, and then i got carried away with doing something else. so i got a zero.

then this afternoon i got a job interview, towards the end i got the following feedback from the employer: “y’know i’m just a little curious as to why you have this tendency to repeat the things you’ve already said”

and it echoed back to last year as i faced the fury on my teacher’s face as he shouted, i was standing on the podium doing a power point presentation “for the past few minutes all i’ve heard from you were just shuddering repeats and rephrasing og of the things you’ve already said mixed in with something new here and there…”

my brain would experience short interval of pauses whenever i’m doing consistent things.

when i’m idling, well, i sat still for 4 hours without moving nor was i conscious of the time that had passed.

i once forgotten to lock my front door and took the opposite train to college which i still do sometimes, walking outta the elevator when it’s not at my floor almost daily, with the exception of my apartment, but sometimes it happens too.

i went and had my IQ checked a few years back, multiple times by different persons, both informed me that my iq is only a tinnnyyy whinny little bit lower than one my age, and it does not classify as mental retardation. So i asked him whether i’m mentally impaired then, seeing that the lower number still means i’m abnormal, both replied that the deficit is so minor that i cannot be categorize as stupid, just “slow on brain activity process” or something like that. and can be remedied by living a more healthy lifestyle and keeping stresses low and eat a certain vitamin and most importantly that i should start eating more fishes from now on, unfortunately i no longer remember the reason he gave for that, nor did i start eating more fishes.

i’m constantly plagued by panic attacks every 3 months, happens suddenly and always left me limp on the streets or at home.

i did not post expecting a professional to answer my question, i know there are alot of dads and moms here who have had children with these kinds of problems. i a male of 22 years, never hitted my head when younger or anything. anyone know of anyone else who have the same symptoms or behavioral pattern, do tell. and so, thank you for the help.

You might need some fluid in you cerebral clutch. Bleed it first.

Drink more water … approx 2Litres per day, get more sleep, Eat a balanced diet, and read more, especially learning materials … use that beast.

Perhaps you can do some memory exercises too :stuck_out_tongue:

[QUOTE=debro;2202349]Drink more water … approx 2Litres per day, get more sleep, Eat a balanced diet, and read more, especially learning materials … use that beast.

Perhaps you can do some memory exercises too :p[/QUOTE]

Beaten to the punch.:bigsmile: