Why does my 48x cdrom only read at 20x? :(

i received a liteon 486s cdrom with my new dell computer. the first thing i attempted was updating the firmware with no luck, the liteon flash utility reports that the drive is wrong. then i ran some test on the cdrom to determine exactly how fast it was and became very disappointed. my cdrom only reads at 20x according to nero:

am i doing something wrong here? :confused:

What was the rated speed of the media you used?

I tried two CDRs (one 12X and a 40X) along with a couple pressed CDs and always get the same results. The drive never reads over 21X. Is there another program I could use to get the data read speed?

I dont know about other programs but you should check to make sure that UDMA is enabled on your CDRW. look in device manager under dvd/cd drives right click on the lite on and choose properties then the advance tab it will show whether or not UDMA is enabled.

my cdrw which is a slave on the same channel reads all the way up to 48x. i do not have an advanced tab under the device properties in the device manager (winxp home).

I also have a LTN 486s which I bought on ebay. I tried to upgrade the firmware using the latest flash and the error message, like yours, is that the drive doesn’t match the firmware.

My theory is that it is from a Dell OEM setup and thus will not be recognised by lite-on firmware. Anyone succussfuly flashed their LTN 486s?? Does there exist a Dell firmware flash?


Make sure the Nero Drive Speed program is not set to 20x. Check that DMA is enabled in Device Manager (in IDE device properties). Try copying a data disk with Nero or CloneCD. It will show the CDROM’s read/extraction speed progress in Kb/s. Divide that number by 150 for the read speed. Also many firmwares reduce speed with DAE.

In XP the DMA mode setting is under the properties for the IDE channel, not under the entry for the drive itself.

Hey that looks exactly like the graph for my liteon 52246s, i posted in a few posts about the problem before, no one answers >_<

I think the problem does lie with DMA, for mine, i’m using winxp, it says it is in “Multiword DMA Mode 2”, and not “UDMA/33” or “ATA/33”. Winxp doens’t let you choose, you only choose “use DMA if available”, and it gave me that. I still could not find a way to change, if anyone does, plz help.