Why does my 4160 always produce CRC errors ?!?

Hi all,

I recently purchased a 4160B (and returned it right away because of focus/tracking error :-(.
Fortunately the shop changed it, so I went home with a new 4160.
I tried to burn a Verbatim DVD-R 8x; now it burns correctly (reports no errors), but when I try to read it, at the end of the disc it always produces CRC errors.

I burned the DVD with Nero at 4x speed (not 8x, I thought 4x is safer). could this be the reason for the CRC error ?!? on the package of the DVD-r 8x there is a warning not to use the disc in slower burners; but as the 4160 is 8x capable, I should be abel to burn the dvd at slower speeds too…
(When I try to burn with CDRWin, it only lets me choose 5.1x. What kind of speed is that ?!?)

Another thing is that I use the 4160 at a rather slow computer (Centrino 533 MHz :o). Could that be a reason for the CRC errors ? If so, why ???

And: I’m planning to use the 4160 in an external USB 2.0 case. ANy chance that might work ?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!! :bow: