Why Does InCD4 Show Files in Alphabetized Rows?

For several years I used InCD (older version) for moving files on-to and off-of CD-RW disks with no problems (using Win98 in my old computer). On my new computer with WinXP, and using InCD4, the folder display page shows the files in separate rows labeled A, B, C and so on (with a horizontal line between each row and each row only containing four or five files). Can someone tell me what purpose this is supposed to serve? And can I eliminate this tiering effect?

It’s a Windows XP thing rather than InCD. View menu, Arrange Icons by - and uncheck “Show in Groups”.


Thank you David, you are so right and I really appreciate that tip.

My pleasure.

I think it’s a bit daft, really, that you can “Show in Groups” when sorted by name - it doesn’t show anything desperately useful to do that. “Show in Groups” is useful in other contexts, but not when you have files sorted by name.

This caught me out when I first moved to Windows XP!