Why does Identical Machines Differ In Speed?

I have two computers.

Both are running Pentium 4 3.4 GHZ chips on the SAME ASUS motherboard with a gig of memory.

Both have Identical DVD Rom and Burner. However, machine A rips twice as fast as Machine B. I do have more hard drives on Machine B could this cause the slowdown?

MAchine A;

IDE Primary has 2 hard drives, IDE Secondary has DVD ROM and Burner

Machine B

IDE PRimary has 2 Hard Drives
IDE Secondary has DVD ROM and BURNER

IDE PRIMARY has 2 Hard Drives

Thanks for any help with this.


What hard drives?
What burners?

If the same drives are on the same exact channels on each motherboard, then i would have to guess and say that your software options may differ
However, the end of your post is somewhat confusing…

ULTRA ATA Controller CARD IDE PRIMARY has 2 hard drives

Is this a typo? or does one machine have an extra controller card with an extra set of channels? If so, this could make the difference
Also…are the drives exactly the same as well as the hard drives?..same brand, manufacturer, model #, ect… and in the same spots, ide primary, slave, ect… :confused:

Well if one computer is bogged down with resource hungry background applications or is heavily fragmented, this could be the cause of your troubles too. Also make sure there is not bottleneck form reader to hard, i.e. they are on separate channels.

DMA enabled?