Why Does HP Media Go On Sale So Infrequently?



Maybe I’m imagining things, but I’ve noticed that at the retail level, it seems that HP brands of blank media seem to go on sale far less frequently than others. Every week, I can almost guarantee that somewhere, Verbatim, Sony, Maxell, Fuji, Memorex, TDK, or a house brand of media will be on sale, yet for some reason, and please correct me if my perception is wrong, HP-branded media, especially their DVDs, seem to be discounted much less often. To make things worse, when you do find a sale on HP media, say at a place like OfficeMax, it often turns out to be a price mistake, that not everyone can take advantage of. It’s almost as if HP media doesn’t get discounted unless someone messes up.

If my perception is correct, does anyone have an explanation?


It used to be fairly common with Office Max 8x and slower HP, though I agree it’s not common lately. I don’t mind it too much since CMC’s 16x media is not as good, although I’d buy AM3 (-R) if I saw a good price. Last time I was in a Staples, they had 25 packs of HP for $6 but I don’t think it was advertised.


^ I seem to remeber a period also where they were fairly common, however given their current MID’s and the very good sales on other media, i wouldnt worry too much.


I concur that I don’t know why anyone would be so concerned about HP media when there are sales on media that use better quality manufacturers.


Don’t you love the way people always arrogantly fail to answer the question you asked, assuming that they know more than you do about what you want to know? Sigh.


I’ll personally use their 8x and slower media up against anything, Verbatim and TY included, although that’s neither here nor there.
For that matter, there’s even ‘low’ quality media that I’d like to see on sale more often, if only to try it out.


HP media brand is not the one on I want one on list therefore inorder to increase the sales they have to reduce the prices and have them on sale.


Sorry that I’m late to answering this question. The truth is, HP is very much like Bose in terms of accessory pricing (not necessarily quality). HP actually discourages its authorized resellers from discounting the prices of its accessories (ink cartridges, CD/DVD media, paper) below what HP calls the “minimum advertised price” set by the company itself (and hidden from the customers/shoppers) - even if that “minimum advertised price” is significantly higher than the typical discounted “sale price” of other major brands of similar accessories in the same store.

And what I said has little to no bearing on the quality of its products.


See, now scoobiedoobie gets it. The point of this post has absolutely nothing to do with any desire for quality media. I’ve got quality media coming out of my ears. I like HP as second-tier media for other purposes, which I can get really cheap if it goes on sale. All I wanted to know was why it doesn’t go on sale more often. I don’t need any useless lectures from people with less tech expertise than me. :rolleyes:


Wow! Thank you! Someone who answered my simple freaking question directly and concisely. You sir, are a scholar and a gentleman! :clap:


Hahahaha :bigsmile:
We are cd [B]freaks[/B] man , every single “simple” question must have “in depth” disscussion :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry, I just have a very negative view of HP products in general (and as mentioned above they believe that their name is far more valuable than it is actually worth) and yes, I do live in the area where HP is headquartered. I’ve dealt with their PCs, Printers, scanners, media and so far the only decent stuff that I have found with their label on it was some HP rebranded TY CD-R discs, which cost me more than they should have.


Ok, I know a lot of there stuff is cr*p, but they still make damn good printers


If you say so. I’ve had very different experiences with their printers


HP really took a downward turn when Carly Fiorina took over. It’s probably not going to come back either. She made millions to wreck two companies and ditch one of HP’s most profitable segments, which was their calculators. Now I think of HP and I think :Z


HP printers are still great (hardware wise) but they kill you on ink (not as bad as Lexmark though) and their drivers suck. If you are very, very lucky you may find network print drivers that aren’t so bad.


Hey [B]negritude[/B], you can get HP on sale @ CC starting tomorrow (already forgot the price, just noticed it in Ripits weekly ad).


My opinion on HP as a whole is not positive either, however their 8x and slower media happens to be very good. And their 16x discs are $10.99 per 50 pack at CC this week - the +R discs I would not suggest getting since M01 varies too much, it can burn very well but also very poorly even in the same spindle. CMC AM3 is decent media though, so try the -R discs in 16x if you’re interested.