Why does everybody badmouth lite-ons?

I have 2 of them and have never really had any problems. Is there something I don’t know or should know about em. I’m just curious cause I’m thinking about replacing my 451 with a BenQ possibly.

I don’t generally see too many complaints. Back about 1998 or so, liteon CD-ROM’s were complete trash. We used to install them at a small computer store (12x and 24x drives). At the time these drives were marked “100x” on the box because they included some strange software which would immediately copy any CD you inserted to your HD and use that instead of the disc. So assuming you had ~700 MB free, it would cache the entire contents to your computer.

The complaints about the drives themselves ranged from trays jamming, to won’t read anything, to computer locking up when the drive is connected. That was when I was really pushing for us to only use Creative (Panasonic rebadged) or Mitsumi 24x drives at the time. We finally decided on Mitsumi and our lives were much much better.

I was disappointed a few years ago when the “BTC” drive I bought from CompUSA was a Liteon 32x drive. I had many horrific flashbacks. But the deal was too good so I kept the drive and turned out to be a great burner.

Their CD-RW drives were fast, capable and well priced, with no real vices (thanks largely to the Mediatek chipset).

Their DVD writers are at the poorer end of the spectrum, with vary narrow ranges of acceptable media (the Mediatek DVD chipsets do not recapture the glory of their CD-RW ones) - actually, Liteon are probably the BEST of the Mediatek chipset drives.

There is also the dismal early firmware, which may or may not develop to near greatness by the time the drive is retired from support, and the repetition of this mistake time and time again … “next time, they’ll get it right”.

For the recent 1633S/1653S firmwares, there have been some pleasant surprises, but is it too little, too late?

Firstly I thought Lite-On is really good. I had a DVD drive (the 122, AFAIK it’s their first DVD drive on market). And after two or three firmware updates most of the read problems where gone. But after three years of normal use the the disc motor crashed. OK, this could happen in every drive by every vendor. Then, two or three months later, a friend came to me and said “Hey my CD burner and my DVD drive aren’t working anymore” --> I took a look on them --> they both were from Lite-On and you won’t guess what was the problem! The motor had crashed in both drives!
All three drives weren’t used to much or to hard. But in all three drives the same error occured after roughly the same time…
So the Problem with Lite-On drives is not the firmware or to few features (I even think in this category they are pretty good), it’s only that they are using bad components in their drives.

My lite-on was dvd burner was great. i still haven’t seen a another burner do a better burn on ritek, verbs or ricoh +R’s.

However it lasted 5 months and can’t burn any dvd acceptably.

Its not LiteONs fault its just the MediaTek chipsets they use in the drives are underpowered, they were more suited to cd burning and havent faired well in the DVD writing arena. Supposidly the chipsets arent really suited for burning speeds past 8x on DVD.


Have you tried reseting the eeprom learnt media? I was having some horrific burns with my 1633 before I reset the eeprom and crossflashed to 1653 f/w. Now my burns have never been better although I never burn over 8x.

I have to wonder if quality control is an issue with liteons as they seem to work great for some and terible for others. Personally the only liteon dvd burner I have owned is an 851 and I could not be happier with it. I have gotten a couple of years use out of it and it is still working exelent. For 8x burns, it’s faster than my 3500 or my aopen 1608. While I have ran across a few medias that it didn’t like thier are many that it does like. I also get the impression that some models are beter than others but they all tend to get a bad rap because of the bad ones.

I think the reason for badmouthing isnt the bad Hardware i would say the reason depends on things others do say.
Who write a post when everything is alright ?
I have read many posts and in my opinion many people are using media that doesnt fit the drive they use.
For me the litey was the 2nd burner after my BTC 1004IM (same problem with badmouthing but i never had probs with it).

Well, I think it’s like cars. If you drive a new Mercedes S-Class and the car suddenly loses some parts then you have bad luck because you have the one car from 100,000 with a “hardware error”. But if you drive a very old Fiat or something like that and the car runs and runs and runs without problems you have good look because you have the one car out of 100,000 that drives forever. What I want to say: There are always exceptions. Lite-On builds drive that are not really bad but in generell (not in every case) they tend more to the category “bad” than “good”.