Why does DVDDecrypter try to contact www.microsoft.com?

When I start DVDDecrypter, my firewall tells me it’s trying to contact various sites, including:


It looks like it’s looking for program updates. Anyone know, though, why it would check these sites for updates? All but the first one seem un-obvious to me.

Also, I can’t find anywhere in the settings to disable this check. Is it hidden in there somewhere?

  • Tim

try unchecking “Check for updates” in settings-events

i think it was advice on the dvddecrypter’s homepage for peace in mind

D’oh! Why didn’t I see that when I was searching through all the settings? Sorry about that! :slight_smile:

  • Tim

Tools>Settings>Events>untick check for Program Update. I hear it is wise to also block your firewall for dvddecrypter, I suppose to disallow your potentially being tagged for maliciousness or worse, receiving a court order to surrender any dvd’s you may have as well as your HD for removal of dvddecrypter.

My best to all,