Why does DVD Shrink take so long?



It takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes to burn a dvd that i compressed. Its annoying…i apply the smoothing and sharpening techniques, but it takes sooo long.

Should i even apply these? Is there a program that does things faster and better? thanks


Are you reading from a DVD or from files on the HD?

This is from the Shrink help file.

[B]Compress video with high quality adaptive error compensation[/B]

When video is compressed, small errors or artifacts are introduced. This is an unavoidable consequence of video compression, and DVD Shrink cannot prevent this from happening. However, it can keep these artifacts to a minimum.

This option will adaptively compensate for any artifacts introduced by the video compression, so as to prevent them from propagating into the next pictures which are compressed. This requires DVD Shrink to dynamically decode and compare both the original and the compressed video, so that it can detect if artifacts have been introduced and compensate for them accordingly.

AEC (adaptive error compensation) r[B]equires a lot of CPU power, and depending on the speed of your computer, it may take an hour or more to complete your backup. [/B]However, it will often provide a far superior video quality. AEC will also benefit from deep analysis.

If you do this then it will take a long time. I suspect that most users of Shrink don’t do this.


Why wouldnt they if “it will often provide a far superior video quality?” And i do both, but mostly from HDD.

Thanks alot


Just want to be clear here. Are you saying that it takes 1 hour 30 mins for shrink to process a dvd to your hard drive or that it is taking 1 hour 39 minutes to burn
the output that shrink produces ?

If a good deal of compression is needed and your pc is not powerful enough it may take a long time to transcode. How much compression is required ?


You think an hour and a half is a long time to encode a movie? Please.


I would recommend to you:
Clone DVD + DVD Decryptor + AnyDVD


With out using AEC and doing a deep analysis you can cut the time down a lot,but why? Using Shrink with these options applied, I don’t think there is a better shrinking program out there at any price. They are all CPU intensive.


Thats what i thought wobble. Im using an a64 3400+ at 2.4 ghz. It takes about an hour and a half ripped directly from the disc or from hdd.


Sounds like your setup is simular to one of mine. The more you have to compress the movie the longer it takes. Then add AEC and Deep Analysis and it takes that much longer. Try usind the re-author option and just copy the main movie and removing any of the unwanted audio tracks. If you can keep the compression at 80% or above you shouln’t need an AEC and can get by without doing a deep analysis. On the setup I have that is simular to yours I’ve had them encode as fast as ten minutes and as slow as 1hr. 45min. It all depends on how much data you are trying to put on one disc.The faster puter I have doesn’t really seem to make any noticable difference in speed.
I’ve seen movies that have as many as 3 full movies (different angles or alternate endings) plus all the extras stuffed on 1 dvd. I wouldn’t even try to copy an entire disc like that, it would probably take 4 hours! and turn out like shit. Give some of these ideas a try. :slight_smile:


My $.0120347 cents. Yea man compression can take a long time. You can almost feel the pain the cpu is going through. I got my 12 dvd’s that I play with and most take 1.5 hours or more. Some times because of the data structure I have to shrink the shrink to get them to fit. Nature of the beast. Weird I shrink them, burn them onto a R/W disc then erase the disc. I just like to play. I actually went out and found a dvd with copy protection once just so I could play with all the toys. How sick is that :doh:

Nobody else around here so I really don’t need any copies :disagree:


You remind me of ??? Me!


Try DVD Rebuilder