Why does disk stop copying



I recenty installed a memorex dvd burner in my computer, in addition to having a cd rom.dvd drive. I’m using the Nero software that came with the burner to copy disks. I’m trying to copy a movie (about the organization I work with). After this movie was put on the disk an addition segment was put in by another company. I can play this disk on both drives with no problem but when I try to make copies of it, it will copy up until the point where this piece was inserted in and then stops copying. I can copy the vob file onto my hard drive and play the entire disk with no problems.

Can anyone help me or tell me what I can do to be able to somehow copy the entire disk without it stopping at this certain point?



Try DVD Decrypter (free) in ISO Read Mode. Should copy the DVD as exactly as possible to your hard drive. To burn a copy, switch the program to ISO Write Mode and select the MDS file that the program just created on your HD.