Why does Dell put single format DVD recorders in their machines?

One thing that has puzzled me for a while. Why does Dell install DVD+R/RW only burners in their machines? I know that Dell is a member of the +RW alliance. HP is also a member but they now install dual format burners in their machines. And Ricoh had brought out their dual format writer too (a rebadged NEC ND-2500A and no, it is not a ND-2100A).

At least Dell currently uses NEC ND-2100ADs and ND-5100As and they can be flashed to dual format (The 2100AD can be flashed to support DVD+R DL)

I just wonder why Dell frowns upon -R/RW?

+R/RW alliance member? Saving costs? I mean, Dell sells thousands of computers every day, so any money saved on the single-format (vs. the slightly more expensive dual-format ) drives adds up…

Why pay more when DVD+R is better than DVD-R and DVD+RW than DVD-RW? Dell’s a US company and it’s easy to find 4x DVD+R, 8x DVD+R, and 4x DVD+RW media there.

they probably have alot of backstock and are getting rid of the parts.

But most “pre-built” computers do not come with the best quality parts anyways.

Most of these cheaper systems come with the cheapest parts they can put in them, without getting any complaints.

I guess it goes for the DVDR drives as well… and if they have quite a pile of these drives in stock they’d rather get rid of them first.

@Kenshin: sometimes you still need DVD-R. I hardly use +R anyway, -R works better for me :).

Kenshin, no it isn’t easier to find +R(W) media here. I mean you can get some if you want but it’ll cost you. -R(W) is and will always be the cheapest. +R is also not the best, though they are all nearly the same anyways.

Perhaps you don’t often use 4x DVD+R at 8x and 8x DVD+R at 12x. :slight_smile:

Where is here? DVD+R is always more reliable than DVD-R mainly because of industy relationship. I meant the US market above and you probably also meant there. If you can’t find DVD+R and DVD+RW media there, you just didn’t try to find them at all.

If DVD-R media are cheaper than DVD+R media to you, you must have compared Princo 1x DVD-R media with Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R media and Ritek DVD-R 4x media with Ritek DVD+R media. They are not the same. Princo 4x can be burned only at 4x maximum with certain DVD writers and at 2x with many other DVD writers. You can burn Ritek DVD-R 4x media at 4x only with most DVD writers. TY 8x DVD+R can be burned safely at 12x and Ritek 4x DVD+R can be burned safely at 8x and the writing quality is usually very good. They are inexpensive as well. Try to find DVD-R media as good as them and you won’t say they are cheapest.

If your DVD-R is cheaper than DVD+R, there must be some reasons why you say so. BeAll DVD+R 4x media are just as cheap as BeAll DVD-R 4x media. Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 4 media are just as cheap as Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 4x media.

For DVD-RW and DVD+RW, there are not 4x DVD-RW media you can easily find. For DVD+RW 4x media, I’ve been using them for nearly one year and if you really wanted them, you should have gotten them at under US$1 per disk even in last year. 4x DVD+RW media are as cheap as 2x DVD-RW media.

4x DVD+R media are better than 4x DVD-R media if they are manufactured in the same lines. The recording time for DVD+R(W) is also shorter than that for DVD-R(W).

Anyway, for those who might want to buy Dell notebooks and still want to do DVD recording, why can’t you find cheap DVD+R and DVD+RW media for the notebook? Browse web and you’ll find enough sources to buy DVD+R at $0.5 each and DVD+RW at $0.5 to $1 each.

You show me a site where I can buy that and I will. I have always wanted +R, 4X or 8X. I mean the only places I have been able to find +R without excessive looking has been at the stores, and you should know how overpriced they are there. And yes, I do mean here in the US. Atlanta, Georgia to be more specific. But like I said, if you can find me some cheap +R media on the web please show me the site. When I try to look on the web for +R media I always end up getting a butt load of -R media, and sifting though thousands of sites does take a long time.

Define cheap. Are you talking about 10 cents a piece 1x DVD-R by ??? Or 69 cents a piece 8x DVD+R by Ricoh?

I don’t know how cheap is cheap enough to you but it looks cheap to me where the average annual income per capita is a few times smaller than where you live.


Prodisc 8x-rated DVD+R, $0.58 if you order 500 discs at once. $60 if you order only 100 discs.

Burner Firmware Speed
BenQ DW800A B217 8X
BTC DRW1008IM 0055 8X
CyberDrive DX082 111B 8X
LiteOn LDW-811S HS0P 8X
HP 400c BH04 8X
Hitachi /LG GSA-4081B A101 8X
NEC ND-2500A 1.06 8X
Optorite DD-0401 1.0d 8X
Plextor 708A 1.04 8X
Sony DRU-530A 1.0d 8X
TDK 840G 1.04 8X

The above is just a common deal. Rare and lucky deals might offer even better media for a little lower prices, like 12x-ready media for US$0.4. I’m not for profits here but I’m an insider as much as ordinary distributors and resellers in the industry. Princo and some Chinese, including Hong Kong, and Indian manufacturers usually offer the lowest possible prices, sometimes under US$0.3 per disk, but the quality is often below the market standard. They have concentrated on producing DVD-R disks only because of license. That’s why you can find the cheapest media for DVD-R but not for DVD+R. Ask Princo in Taipei and Mitsubishi in Tokyo and compare what they say, will reveal the truth.