Why does copying 5 mini movies on to dvd take 25 hours?

Hi guys

i’m tony and i’m new here!

i’ve had a little look around the forum but cant seem to find what i’m lookin for!

I have Nero 6 and i’ve tried to make a movie using the “make DVD-video” function in “Nero StartSmart”.

Anyway, i went through all the steps i.e. upload the movies files, make chapters, make the menue etc

The total size is 3.60GB and thats made up from 6 files and 1 menue!
When i clicked on burn it said “time remaining 25hours and 30 minutes”!!!

I waited an hour or so i case there was some mistake but no, its going to take all that time!

Is there anyways round this?? surly there must be a way to shorten the time of trans/re-encode and burning??

the dvds i’m using are Ritek +R x8 and the burning is LiteOn x16 (external on USB2) and the files are .WMA and .AVI

as u can see i’m a newbie! lol
i’ve copyed plenty of normal data files but never an actual movie with menue etc…

thanks in advance

This happend to me too It takes hours depending how fast your computer is.
It suppost to take 4-6 hours to transcode to DVD. If you don’t wanna wait there is an easy alternative simply burn your video files onto a DVD in Nero as DATA-DVD and purchase a DVD player that supports these video formats is: PHILIPS DVD PLAYER DVP 642/17. And you can now enjoy your video files with that DVD player.



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What’s the spec of your PC.

Burning 3.6 gb at 8x should take 7 - 8 min.

Hi thanks for the replys guys!

my computer is: window XP, Pentium 4 / 2.52GHz / 512 RAM

Macrovision350: i was thinking the same but i need it to play on all dvd players n computers!

is it something to do with my burner??


There are a number of Nero 6 versions and some had problems (well, more problems than usual). If you like Nero and you have a hi-speed connection, try downloading the trial version of Nero 7. It’s good for 30 days and that will allow you to finish your project. Use cleantools to remove Nero 6 & restart (make sure you keep your Nero 6 serial number if/when you reinstall it). Definitely get better media (Verbatim) and once your project is saved, you might try burning at 16X.