Why does CloneDVD not clone EVERYTHING?

I had a couple of emails with the folks at SlySoft, and they would not answer my question of why CloneDVD doesn’t make a copy of anything by the video folder on the DVD. What about the DVD-ROM features? What about audio tracks kept in separate folders? What about other little extras that are PC-readable?

I asked them specifically, and they did not reply. Are they tired of hearing this question, or are they just trying to avoid answering it?

As an engineer, I think that cloning a disk should be, well, CLONING A DISK. Making as close to an exact copy as you can, and since CloneDVD supports DL disks, there’s no excuse except that they’ve decided it wasn’t important enough.

Has this been discussed here much before? Most likely it has, though perhaps awhile ago.

  • Tim

Audio Tracks are not kept in seperate folders (unless it is a dedicated Audio DVD).
Anyway, the additional content is not copied, because it takes space and will reduce the video quality.

If you want a complete 1:1 dual layer copy, you should use our other product, CloneCD.

BTW, don’t let the name fool you. CloneDVD is called CloneDVD for historical reasons. It does not Clone DVDs (technically speaking, no program can, for example CSS cannot be reproduced on a copy).
A more appropriate “descriptive” name would be “Clone Movie”.

The “Clone” program you are looking for is “CloneCD” which comes as close as a 1:1 clone as possible. Yes, it does copy DVDs as well, so it should be called “CloneDisc” instead.

These are just names. Consider them “non descriptive”. :wink:

Thanks for your quick answer here!
Well, I’ll give CloneCD a try, then.

What I’m actually looking for is something that “does the right thing”… makes copies, but removes copy protections and region codes (I have AnyDVD running), does the right thing with the layer break, etc. BUT ALSO copies every that’s NOT part of the movie as well.

Does CloneCD do that?

  • TIm

Yes, it does. I use it quite often for 1:1 Dual Layer DVD copies. AnyDVD must be running, of course.

If you want to compress and keep the additional data files, Nero Recode will do that. You still need AnyDVD running to remove the protection.


Don’t know what method your using on CloneDVD. But you can compress a DVD+9 to DVD+5 single layer-plus mine even keeped the additional files. So you only telling half the story here.

he was talking about keeping the data files, the stuff that is not contained in the video_ts folder. CloneDVD2 only lists what is in the video_ts folder. Not sure why he would want to keep the extra stuff though, it is usually only interactual and programs like that.

someone told me what dvd shrink has better picture qualitz then clonedvd, what are zour views on this

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Suggest reviewing my response to your Double Posting question in the CloneDVD Forum thread “Pirates of the Caribbean”.