Why does benq suck at DL reading?

i burned a Ritek DVD+R DL i tried reading it on Benq DW1620 and Pioneer A09.

why my benq basically sucks at DL reading

just look at scans

firmware B7U9 speedpatched

Did u “MCSE-ize” your BenQ1620?

  • Jie

yes i did to get faster dvd-r and dvd+r read speed

your problem is the media id. ritek dual layer is crappy media. get some verbatim dual layer dvd+r which is much better. compusa has a sale on them if you can find them. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Not exactly true. The sale is for Memorex 3 single packs of DL media. But, at some stores they are substituting Verbatim. YMMV on that one with them. I’ll find out in the morning.

I would try a pressed DVD movie in there before condemming the drive, it should be 6X-7X maximum. Or try a single layer disc as it should also climb upto 12X-14X.

IF it is still in the crapper, it could be a bad flash. Load up the FW in MCSE and make sure you really did check the speedpatch and flash it again. We have all seen stranger things happen around here.

I just got my AOpen 1648 and its read speeds are delicious… check out the thread. Newegg is pracitically giving them away for $28.49 with shipping.

i got two drives already in my main pc

A09 and DW1620, on secondary IDE
one 100gb maxtor on primary
and two 120gb maxtor SATA in raid

i could add another optical drive on primary IDE, but don’t feel like pulling the cable from down there

Try again without the read speed patch to check if that is the problem.

here is test with no Speedpatch

it looks fine

ala42 would it be possible to fix the MCSE?

note: test is not finish, (still in progress) i just had to leave so i posted what i got so far

I do not know that yet, it depends on some tests results I am waiting for.

any way i could help?

ok, just wanted to add that the new firmware + speedpatch doesn’t affect the DL read speed

The read speed patch does support DVD-ROM-DL (pressed). It does not support DVD+R9 (burned), which was removed 3 weeks ago with because of the bad reading results.


thats still good news :wink: