Why does auto-cropping affect the aspect ration?



I meant Ratio, not ration :slight_smile:

I have a 16:9 DVD I’m converting to 320x240 (4:3) for my Nokia.

When I select the Crop settings it crops the unneeded sides off but then it stretches the top and bottom to remove the top and bottom black bars making people look tall and skinny.
A crop function should crop all sides equally until the top and bottom bars are gone and no stretching should be involved.

I can use the Resize function and adjust the slider to Pan and Scan but because I’m doing lots of short clips I have to resize each video individually. Is there a way to make the resize to Pan and Scan the default setting ?

I prefer the sound of the crop function that removes the black bars automatically but it’s screwing with the Aspect Ratio unfortunately.

Any tips here please ?
Is greatly appreciated.


What profile and settings are you using?


Thx signals, and Merry Christmas.

I’m using the Cell phone N95 profile and selecting the 320x240 res.

I’d like to create a template that will always select full pan and scan as 99.99% of dvds would be 16:9 and therefore need the same adjustment to remove the letterboxing.

I’m just having trouble understanding why the crop filter works the way it does.



It shouldn’t work this way, I’ve never had it happen. Now that I know what profile you used I’ll try one myself and see what happens, as holiday responsibilities permit. :slight_smile: Merry Christmas to you as well and all my forum friends. The problem may be the way the original file was authored.


Ok, I’ve had proper look at what’s happening.

When in the Advanced Res Settings, Resize set to 0% and 320x240 res selected the sample window has the correct AR, with the black bars top and bottom.
I can move the resize slider towards P&S to effectively crop the black out by zooming all sides equally. This outputs the correct AR for 4:3 viewing.

Instead of resizing, when I select the Crop Settings option the crop window appears. The preview shows the full width of the 16:9 clip but it has stretched the video vertically to remove the top and bottom bars.

I hope this makes my query clearer.